• Passion
  • quietly loving it all

There doesn't seem to be a name for the syndrome I've got. Although it's a rare condition, I know that others share this affliction: I love my work. I love developing iOS apps, love dabbling in modern scripting languages, love wrangling pixels in Photoshop, and I even love version control systems. (Well, hg & git anyway.)

And I love discussing these things, arguing amicably about how to do them best, and learning when I've got it wrong. I love standing in front of a wall with smart, passionate people and sketching ideas until we all go, "Aha!" I love following Scrum practices, the flexibility of communicating with pen on paper, the discovery of new open source projects I can join and/or leverage.

I can forget about meals while knuckling down, coding and creating solo. Better yet, sit me down for days on end next to people who are ready to knuckle down with me—joking and dreaming all the way—and I'll be in heaven. (Corollary: I don't mind hearing, "Nice work, Chris," but I'd much rather hear, "Great job, you guys!")

So now you know my secret motivations. Please don't take advantage. ;)